How to get instructions for the Tumbly

After weeks, if not months of work I've got the instructions for the black Tumbly ready.
This time, I'm hoping to get something in return for all that work.
If you want the instructions, Paypal an amount you deem suitable to mahjqa [a] gmail [.] com . Minimum is €5 / $6 , otherwise Paypal will eat most of it.
The higher this amount is, the sooner I'll get around to mailing you the instructions.

Some things to keep in mind:

-The instructions you receive are not to be shared with anyone else
-You'll receive a .zip file with 140 or so JPEG images.
-Embedded on there, in various subtle and unsubtle ways, is your name. So should they leak, I'll know who did it. In this case, I'll reserve the right to slap you in the face.
-This clever anti-piracy scheme may not be foolproof, and eventually the instructions will find their way online. There is nothing I can do about that.
-In fact, eventually (months from now) I'm planning to put these online myself.
-So what you're paying for is to get these before anyone else does. And to support and encourage me to build more shiny things.
-No refunds for any reason.